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I don’t read a few books, I read the library. – Thomas Edison

Today is a great day to sign up for SUMS – Auxano’s free leadership book summaries for church leaders.

>> Just released: SUMS #46 Your Volunteers – helping those who come and see to become those who come and serve.

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For years Auxano Founder & Team Leader Will Mancini dreamed of providing a best of class and totally free book summary service to church leaders. In November 2012, we launched just such a service.

It’s called SUMS.  

Imagine getting 26 summaries a year absolutely free!

>Why Auxano created SUMS Like many church leaders, Will loves reading, and appreciates book summaries. But he took it to the next level by creating a team who was serious about selection of books for church leaders, designed something great to look at, and created applications for the world church leaders live in every day.

>How you can sign-up for SUMS It’s simple. You’re reading this on the Vision Room, Auxano’s online portal for resources helping you with break-thru clarity. Here is the link to learn more about SUMS. When you are in the Vision Room, all downloadable content, including SUMS, is free by signing up for the Vision Room and setting up MyVisionRoom. It’s extremely fast and simple.

Issue #46 of SUMS – Your Volunteers, by Chris Mavity, was released yesterday. If you’re already a subscriber to the Vision Room and SUMS, look for it in your mailbox.

If you aren’t, sign up below to receive future releases of SUMS!

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Think of it as creating leadership and innovation literacy.

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Bob Adams is Auxano's Vision Room Curator. His background includes over 23 years as an associate/executive pastor as well as 8 years as the Lead Consultant for a church design build company.

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Is the offering moved to the middle or the end because people are late getting into the service? It may appear to fit the flow of worship or centralize the offering, but there are VERY practical reasons to move it later as well.
— scottreavely
Thank you for the suggestions. I am looking to make some changes to our bulletin. I slimmed it down a few years ago (getting rid of the order of service and some other things). The issue that I am facing is that more than 50% of our congregation are senior citizens; the rest are younger families. It is very difficult to find something that meets everyone's needs. I have also tried to slim down the amount of inserts we put in the bulletins. Recently, I started putting pictures on the cover and everyone seems to love that! In the past our bulletins have been completely "inward" focused. There was nothing in there for guest and there wasn't even any contact information included. It would say something like "See Joe Smith for details." What happens when someone doesn't know Joe? I added a first page welcome explaining where kids go and what Sunday School Classes are available. I'm stuck trying to appeal to the old school and new school at the same time :)
— Nicole
Whoa ! This is a two way street ! Unity is give, take & compromise unless if comes down to doctrine, there is NO wiggle room in doctrine. Needs and Wants can be very opinionated and the cause of much contention between the Lay and Clergy. Jesus and Paul did not have Gilded Pulpits and the masses did not have cushy padded "Lazy-Boys" Needs and wants have to be looked at very closely, so personal sacrifice has to be observed on both sides. Wants = Greed, Needs = Humility and content.
— Bruce

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