Discover Vision Clarity

Start here to get clear about your vision by walking the Vision Pathway. At the end of it, you’ll be clear about your mission, values, strategy, measures, and more.

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Live Out Your Vision

Once you're clear on vision, you need to integrate it into every area of your ministry.
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  • Developing

    Recruit, train, and organize leaders based on vision.

    Leadership >
  • Intentional

    Reinforce vision with great design and clear language.

    Communication >
  • Duplicatable

    Build systems that support and expand your vision.

    Process >
  • Compelling

    Embed vision deeply in every environment.

  • Conscious

    Reflect vision by using story, symbol, and scripture.

  • Welcome to the Vision Room

    Read a note from Will Mancini welcoming you to the Vision Room and pointing some key features designed just for you.

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  • 12 Disciplines to Help You Recognize Leadership Identity Beyond Your Title

    Titles are great, but at some point, the practice of leadership must become more important than the label.

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  • Becoming a Servant Leader Through Strategic Thinking

    It is possible to be both a strategic leader and a servant leader

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  • Sidestepping 5 Communication Pitfalls that Trap Vision

    Here are 5 Communication Pitfalls that every church faces and one side-step for each to keep your vision on solid ground.

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  • The Effective Pastor Checklist

    Here are the seven distinguishing habits of a highly effective pastor.

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  • Answering the “What Ifs” of Mentoring Young Leaders

    What are you looking for in young leaders? If you’re looking for maturity, perfection, experience, consistency, reliability you may not find it.  But if you look for their strengths, gifts and passion you can develop the other qualities that will one day make them great leaders.

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  • Planning, Strategy, and the Eisenhower Matrix

    Dwight Eisenhower is noted as saying, “What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.” He is credited with the quote because of his emphasis on planning and strategy.

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  • Communicating Your Vision Visually

    The single most powerful way to help people become contagious carriers of your vision is to give it to them visually!

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  • 6 Reasons Cynicism Develops in Leaders

    Cynicism grows in the hearts of far too many leaders.

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  • Does Your Leadership Structure Impede the Progress of Discipleship?

    I am simply encouraging you to prayerfully consider how your leadership structure might actually be impeding the ministry and disciple-making processes of your churches.

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  • Don’t Lose Clarity in Your Church Communications

    In an effort to persuade our communications can slip to a place where they stop being clear and become just clever.

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  • God’s Vision Frame

    The Church Unique Vision Frame is not only a powerful way of understanding your church’s mission, but also a helpful tool for understanding God’s unfolding plan of redemption for His created world.

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  • Planning Takes Too Long

    Leaders may hear Planning takes too long. Let’s just get started,but they need to be willing to focus on the outcome desired before starting.

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  • 5 Areas of Communication that Church Leaders Need to Audit Regularly

    Pastors need to perform an audit of their church’s communication strategy to see if all those sermons they are studying so hard for will have maximum reach in their community.

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  • 11 Secrets Church Leaders Are Struggling With

    Most church leaders struggle more than they let on. You know what keeping it to yourself does, right? It leaves you isolated.

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  • 10 Ways Buzzwords Are Undermining Your Leadership

    A  key facet of leadership is knowing the difference between a strategy and a collection of buzzwords.

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  • 5 Keys for Building Ministry Momentum

    In a church without momentum every step is more difficult than the one before. Gaining and keeping momentum is a difficult process for church leaders.

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  • Church Unique’s Vision Pathway and Tom Paterson’s StratOps

    The Vision Pathway and StratOps are the two best ways to solve two different but related problems for local church leaders.

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  • Stop Asking Millennials for Money

    Six traits of young givers that charities and non-profits would be wise to keep in mind as they look to engage with the $200b spending power of the Millennial generation.

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  • Are These Offertory Trends Taking Place at Your Church?

    Seven subtle but noticeable offertory trends developing in today’s worship services.

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I have found The Salvation Army to be a friendly all including Church
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Or they could be taught that giving is not for us to feel good about, but to honor God with the resources He blessed us with.
— clarkd52
When we carefully "unpack" this difficult passage... Now, "to unpack" that... I've heard that verb a lot lately. He "unpacked" that in a way that I could understand. After a lot of "UNPACKING," I came to the conclusion... that it's a buzzword!
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