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Start here to get clear about your vision by walking the Vision Pathway. At the end of it, you’ll be clear about your mission, values, strategy, measures, and more.

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Live Out Your Vision

Once you're clear on vision, you need to integrate it into every area of your ministry.
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  • Developing

    Recruit, train, and organize leaders based on vision.

    Leadership >
  • Intentional

    Reinforce vision with great design and clear language.

    Communication >
  • Duplicatable

    Build systems that support and expand your vision.

    Process >
  • Compelling

    Embed vision deeply in every environment.

  • Conscious

    Reflect vision by using story, symbol, and scripture.

  • Honoring the Life and Legacy of Lyle Schaller

    In a small way to honor Lyle Schaller for the contributions he has made to the life and legacy of the American Church, many of our team will be writing, Tweeting, and posting to Facebook and Instagram today.

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  • Welcome to the Vision Room

    Read a note from Will Mancini welcoming you to the Vision Room and pointing some key features designed just for you.

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  • 4 Areas That Drive Effective Church Assimilation

    Is your church’s assimilation engine running well? What area needs the most improvement?

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  • Three Sources of Original Ministry Vision in a Cut-n-Paste Church World

    Most artists are just tweaking someone else’s work. So how does an artist develop originality?

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  • 9 Things You Can Learn from Skipping Out on Your Church This Sunday

    A well-planned visit to another church can make an impact on your team like nothing else.

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  • 4 Steps in the Hard Work of Creating Strategy

    Without stating and integrating a simple strategy, your church will remain stuck in a bottleneck of the status quo. With a strategy, your church can develop its unique approach to growing disciples.

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  • Is the Church Dying in the U.S.? Redefining Christians as Cultural, Congregational, & Convictional

    The Church is not dying. It is just being more clearly defined.

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  • Six Reasons Why Most Church Strategic Planning is a Waste of Time

    Most church strategic planning is a waste of time no matter what you call it or why the church started the planning to begin with.

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  • Why Failure to Live on Mission is a Worship Problem

    A gospel-centered teacher isn’t satisfied to see his people learn truths about God. A gospel-centered leader wants them to feel those truths.

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  • Be a Church That Wants to Go Deep with God

    There are many things that go into a successful discipleship ministry, but one key is that spiritual maturity must be a goal.

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  • The Genius of Being Simple and Obvious Every Time

    Even the simple and obvious leadership principles need to be made simple and obvious, and repeated over and over again to leaders like you and me.

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  • 2 Ways to Solve the Guest Experience Problem You Don’t Know You Have

    Two approaches to keeping yourself grounded and aware of how your church is perceived by guests.

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  • Church Renaming: A New Coat of Paint or a Re-Envisioning?

    I’ve noticed a growing trend, at least in my own city, of churches renaming themselves in an apparent effort to invigorate a plateaued or even declining situation.

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  • Welcoming Your Guests with Effective Website Practices

    Your church website is the first, and most important place to create the feeling that a guest is expected at your church, rather than just able to be accommodated.

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  • Understanding 5 Symptoms Behind Struggling Volunteer Enlistment

    Churches everywhere need to mobilize more volunteers to get ministry done.  But before you start signing people up and filling slots, it might be helpful to take a look at why people are NOT volunteering.

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  • Follow These 7 Steps to Be An Effective Leader at Your Church

    The good news is there are common traits and characteristics that make highly successful church leaders successful. And the really good news is that these characteristics can be learned and then adopted by leaders like you and me.

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  • A 5-Step Process for Investing in Your Front Line Team Members

    Delivering a great Guest experience is a fundamental that every organization needs to practice, and organizations that excel in this area focus on how to get the most from their front line.

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  • Boundaries for Leaders

    I believe that among all of the things that a leader does, one of the most important is to set “boundaries.”

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  • 10 Ways We Get in the Way of God Building His Church

    When things don’t go well at church, is it possible that we are getting in God’s way?

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  • You Can Get Everything at Amazon – Including These 14 Leadership Principles

    14 leadership principles that Amazon (and CEO Jeff Bezos) operate by – and how they might apply to leading in a church.

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Recent Comments
Great article as usual from Ed.
— Jim Bradshaw
I recently left the church where I had attended for 10 years & have been looking for another church home. I visited several in cities that were a distance away- 35 minutes, 1 hr & 1.5 hrs. I could see myself serving in any of those churches, but would like some place closer. I tried several in the town where I live, but no luck so far. One service was supposed to start at 10, but didn't start til 10:20 & the "announcements" took up- no exaggeration- 30+ minutes! THEN they called a guy up to "pray over the offering" He proceeded to whip the congregation into being cheerful givers: "What time is it saints?" [mumble, mumble] "I said, what time is it?" "HAPPY TIME!"- this went on for 15 minutes. ONE hour after their supposed start time, they actually began praise & worship! Another church I went to locally was ok, but the morning I visited there, near the end of the sermon, the pastor announced in his sermon, "I'm not one of those educated preachers! I'm just a simple man with a simple message; I don't get into the Old Testament & all the feast days & all that....I like to stick with the gospels." Nothing wrong with the Gospels, but it's like going to Golden Corral & only eating at the taco bar...good stuff but you're missing out on so much! Needless to say, that was my confirmation to move on... I'm currently driving 1.5 hrs on Sunday nights to attend an excellent church in Charlotte.
— Cathy
I have an autoimmune disorder. It would be nice if the 'meet & greet' didn't include "Shake the hand of 10 people" Basically it all seems so artificial anyway. Once you sit down can you remember that person's name, color of their eyes, anything they said? My church has an information area with a live person behind the counter. However, the person behind the counter is clueless as to what is happening at the church, which groups they have or where they meet. Basically that person can't answer any questions. The church also has a website. It informs you when the services are, a few of the groups that are available but very little information about what the groups entail or who to contact for each group. There isn't a calendar of events. They are very impressed with themselves since they have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Defeats the purpose if it's all about past events. The rest of the top 10 - luckily don't fit the church I attend.
— Jean

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