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Start here to get clear about your vision by walking the Vision Pathway. At the end of it, you’ll be clear about your mission, values, strategy, measures, and more.

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Live Out Your Vision

Once you're clear on vision, you need to integrate it into every area of your ministry.
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  • Developing

    Recruit, train, and organize leaders based on vision.

    Leadership >
  • Intentional

    Reinforce vision with great design and clear language.

    Communication >
  • Duplicatable

    Build systems that support and expand your vision.

    Process >
  • Compelling

    Embed vision deeply in every environment.

  • Conscious

    Reflect vision by using story, symbol, and scripture.

  • Welcome to the Vision Room

    Read a note from Will Mancini welcoming you to the Vision Room and pointing some key features designed just for you.

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  • Positive Learning from Negative Feedback

    Leaders in all sizes and types of organizations often face negative feedback and criticism – and many have problems dealing with it. Maybe it’s time to blow criticism away with “TNT”.

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  • Cultural Transformation is a Leadership Skill Everyone Can Learn

    Culture transformation is an advanced leadership skill. The primary way to change a culture is to use your conversational intelligence to create an environment that infuses energy and commitment into relationships, teams and the whole organization.

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  • The Power of the Pause in Successful Leadership

    The Pause Principle is the conscious, intentional process of stepping back, within ourselves and outside of ourselves, to lead forward with greater authenticity, purpose, and contribution.

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  • Intentional Sunsets Bring Beautiful Sunrises: How to Lead Healthy Change in Your Church

    Celebrating change with an intentional sunset builds anticipation toward the beautiful sunrise to come.

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  • Why Group Friendliness is More Important Than You Realize

    5 ways for any church to increase its group-friendliness.

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  • Preaching and the Expectation to be Fed: Moving Past Self-Feeding to the Heart of the Issue

    People will expect to be fed as long as we continue to invite them to dinner.

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  • One HUGE Opportunity Most Churches are Missing in Their Greeting Every Week

    When you welcome people to your church, do you still behave like it’s 1999?

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  • How to Overcome 3 Common Criticisms When Leading Your Church Through Change

    As your church begins to grow you’re going to face a lot of different criticisms. But there are three really common ones to prepare for.

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  • The Top Ten Reasons to Advance Church Goals One Big Goal at a Time

    What do most churches do instead of having one big goal?

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  • 5 Reasons It’s More Important for Pastors to Use Social Media Than Churches

    My conviction is that pastors as individuals need to be on social media.

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  • Humble Volunteers: The Secret Sauce in Your Ministry

    What’s the secret behind a rapidly-growing church?

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  • 4 Distinctions of Telling Time for Church Leaders

    The Christian leader who knows the four spheres of time will be better positioned to make a major impact for God’s kingdom.

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  • Entering the Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Can Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs

    The most memorable leaders make us recognize that in the moment we become unsure of who we are, learning happens.

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  • Three Critical Changes the Growing Church Must Make

    The reality is that as a church grows, the church must change some ways in which she functions.

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  • Why Changing Strategy Without Changing Culture Changes Nothing

    It is not enough to change a strategy or talk about innovation. Cultures must change.

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  • The One Competency That Hard Core Ministry Leaders Need Most

    Empathy is a critical leadership competency many driven people naturally lack. But the good news is, it’s learnable.

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  • How to Move Your Organization Through 3 Phases of Cultural Refinement

    Leaders can build a high performing, values aligned culture through an organizational constitution.

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  • Should I Go to Church in My Family Room? 6 Key Considerations

    Many churches see the digital church attendees as an extension of the ministry of the church.

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  • It’s Time to Stop Campaigning and Start Discipling

    What happened when a church courageously hit the pause button on their next campaign and developed a comprehensive discipleship plan around their “give fully” spiritual mark.

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Recent Comments
Spot on. Great article. Thanks!
— Dave Corlew
I agree with several of these comments..unfortunately though many people look for a church that can give them something. Well if your view of a church is based on the building, and what the people in it can do for you...already you're bound to fail at finding a home church. 1 example given was not satisfactory child center. Maybe that's something you could the change..there are countless studies based on follow the leader.. 1 person stand in a line, you don't even have to know what it's for, eventually others join..more and more.. if you make changes others like, more will join and help and before you know it,a full children's ministry has taken off. A church is only as strong or broken as all it's members together..because that's all the church really is..not a building you sit at for 2 hours 1 day a week before a race or football game.
— shawn
As I began to jot notes down about my organization specifically, I think it can become a kind of guiding document that focuses sharply on the "how". It can be a tangible, accessible foundation for everyday organizational reality in different terms than the Vision Proper. Of course, it is a living document that will be saturated with your vision frame (mission, metrics, etc.) and other elements of the Vision Pathway too. Especially when I see a focus on things like values, the constitution can allow you to define them even further and connect them to the operations of the organization. Even your least "big picture" staff/volunteers can grasp and internalize the result of what I interpret Edmonds is going for. It feels very practical. All that to say, I'm not entirely sure! I just ordered the book, so I hope to read through it soon and get a better idea. Thank you for responding.
— Jon Pyle

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