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Live Out Your Vision

Once you're clear on vision, you need to integrate it into every area of your ministry.
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  • Developing

    Recruit, train, and organize leaders based on vision.

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  • Intentional

    Reinforce vision with great design and clear language.

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  • Duplicatable

    Build systems that support and expand your vision.

    Process >
  • Compelling

    Embed vision deeply in every environment.

  • Conscious

    Reflect vision by using story, symbol, and scripture.

  • Welcome to the Vision Room

    Read a note from Will Mancini welcoming you to the Vision Room and pointing some key features designed just for you.

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  • Is Your Church Strategy Really Yours or Just an Illusion?

    Both rearranging and photocopying strategy are common practices because they are easy. Developing ministry strategy is much more difficult – and much more impactful.

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  • Your Church is Struggling, But Do You Recognize It?

    Often in church leadership we get so busy working “in the church” that it becomes harder to work “on the church”. We’re focused on making weekends happen and caring for people that we lose perspective on whether we’re seeing a difference in our community.

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  • Storytelling Begins with Passion, People, and Place

    Churches today are not only called to be places for redemption, but they called to be places of redemption.

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  • Creature of the Word

    Begin a year-long movement of examination and growth with the Creature of the Word Church Campaign.

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  • Ten Red Flags Indicating Ephesians 4 Might Be Turned Upside Down at Your Church

    How can we ignore the ministry and work of so many people, often leaving them to believe their lives, work and ministry are less important than the paid staff?

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  • 3 Driving Factors in Creating Culture in Your Church

    You can’t tell people the culture of your church. They experience it.

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  • The Four Deadly Sins of Emerging Church Leaders

    Emerging church leaders need to be on the lookout for these four deadly sins.

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  • 7 Important Lessons Every Church Leader Can Learn from Their Critics

    Critics and naysayers are in every church. They can make your life miserable . . . unless you learn to deal with them.

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  • Fleshing Out the Journey from Stranger to Missionary, Part 3

    If we are going to reach our world for Christ, we have to embrace the Great Commission with a comprehensive vision to see strangers become missionaries.

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  • What Churches Can Learn from the Cultural Influences of the Disney Organization

    Disney is a big organization attempting to stay on the cutting edge of impacting culture. Here are a few of their changes that churches might be able to learn from.

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  • Don’t Let Fear Sabotage the Development of Your Ministry Leaders

    If you wait until you’re the perfect leader then you’ll never take the first step toward developing others.  But if you trust what you have, what you’ve learned and who you are to be used by the Holy Spirit then He can use you to start a leadership development revolution.

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  • A Sinful Leader is the Only Kind of Leader Your Church Needs

    You have a sinful leader. Pray they are the kind of sinful leader God wants.

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  • Are You Leading for the Good of Those You Serve?

    When approval is your ultimate goal, you aren’t leading for the sake of others.

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  • The Single Most Important Factor of Leading Change in a Resistant Setting

    What’s the single best way to navigate change in a traditional, old or very resistant setting? Focus on why far more than you focus on what and how. 

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  • What’s the Difference Between Church Mission Statements and a Tagline?

    The process of capturing a church’s mission statement and tagline takes more time than you probably have and more effort than you probably think. But the results can be transformational and resonate beyond what you might expect.

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  • 3 Ways to Develop Your Church Leaders Without Having More Events

    What are ways to develop leaders IN church without creating more events AT church?

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  • Rick Warren on the 3 Privileges & Temptations of Leadership

    The extra effort and work you put in you get more position, more power and more privilege.  With each one of these comes a very great temptation that can be your downfall as a leader if you misuse it.

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  • Three Common Mistakes Pastors Make

    Three common mistakes that pastors often make.

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  • Are Your Student Ministries a 4-Year Holding Tank with Pizza?

    Despite all the fear driven presentations you’ve heard, not every young person is walking out of your church’s student ministries the moment they finish high school and never coming back.

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Recent Comments
"The guests perceived some of the church members were faking it." Some of that is due to personality types. I'd imagine most existing members who are introverts would come across as "faking" it when greeting guests, because they probably are faking it to a degree. Doesn't mean they're not sincere, they're just uncomfortable as well. "Boring or bad service." IOW, not entertaining enough. Not sure if that's necessarily a bad thing.
— Rico
I'm really trying to understand the widespread opposition to greeting each other. I am a Catholic and we have a time in the mass where we wish each other peace - no personal information, just peace. Regardless, can people honestly say they come to the house of the Lord and are surrounded by their brothers and sisters and take offense or find it wrong to greet each other in His house? Awkward or shy or whatever it is called, it seems like that would be a time to be able to get past that and at least say hello.
— Jillian
A lot of comments were criticizing types of worship that they didn't like. Remember that different churches meet the needs of different people. You might like hymns, but someone else likes loud praise team songs. You might like in-depth sermons and others might like something lighter. Those differences were not what this article was about. People of various denominations looking for various worship experiences had ten similar things to say about looking for a church. Wandering into a tongues-filled church is far different than wandering into a KJV 1611 church then being disappointed. ALL churches should work on having clean and safe areas for children. My husband and I actually changed churches before we had children because our home church nursery was far from being clean and safe. ALL churches should work to have clear information about service times and directions on their websites/signs. ALL churches should encourage their members to be genuinely friendly. These are things that should be found regardless of one's personal taste in what they want from a church. It would be nice if websites had a sort of "what to expect" page for visitors as far as when services start, what they usually consist of, how children are handled, what to expect for communion or other rituals. This would make people feel welcomed. It's just like when you have someone in your home. You tell them where the bathroom is. You show them where to put their purse so your pet doesn't get into it. You point out drinkware and beverages. I think that many churches EXPECT that people will know what to do, but it can be very confusing going to a new church, even of the same denomination. Not knowing what to do can make people very uncomfortable. There's no reason not to make every effort to make everyone feel comfortable in church. And if a church does ALL it can and a person doesn't come back, it's not that the person is somehow unloving towards God. It could just be that the church wasn't what the person was looking for. This article was pointing out ways that churches could do better. I would like to comment about the whole "this is my pew" problem. A lot of schools have gone to randomly assigning seating from day to day in the lunchroom. This breaks up cliques and helps everyone feel included. Kids get to meet different kids than they might if they just sat at the same table all the time. Just think how it would be at church if everyone was encouraged to rotate where they sat and to never sit in the same pew in the same month. Talk about shaking things up!!
— Emalyn

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