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Start here to get clear about your vision by walking the Vision Pathway. At the end of it, you’ll be clear about your mission, values, strategy, measures, and more.

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Live Out Your Vision

Once you're clear on vision, you need to integrate it into every area of your ministry.
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  • Developing

    Recruit, train, and organize leaders based on vision.

    Leadership >
  • Intentional

    Reinforce vision with great design and clear language.

    Communication >
  • Duplicatable

    Build systems that support and expand your vision.

    Process >
  • Compelling

    Embed vision deeply in every environment.

  • Conscious

    Reflect vision by using story, symbol, and scripture.

  • 3 Interview Guidelines for Finding the Best Next Hire for Your Church

    When you hire by values, culture becomes the glue that holds your staff together.

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  • Welcome to the Vision Room

    Read a note from Will Mancini welcoming you to the Vision Room and pointing some key features designed just for you.

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  • 15 Ideas to Help You Evaluate Your Church Bulletin

    How are you leveraging your church bulletin (or program … or worship folder … or whatever you call it) to communicate with your people?

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  • Growing Leaders Crave Silence and Solitude

    What’s your relationship with solitude like? Do you find it valuable? And how do you make time for it?

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  • Leading a Church to Die Well Rather than to Live Poorly

    In the future, wise leaders must anticipate and prepare for the closure of churchesIt is better for churches to die well rather than to live poorly.

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  • 3 Simple Steps for Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

    No one likes to move beyond his or her comfort zone, but that’s really where the magic happens. It’s where we can grow, learn, and develop in a way that expands our horizons beyond what we thought was possible.

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  • Show Them How to Live: Training Disciples in the Way Jesus Lived, Part 2

    Here’s the bottom line: Jesus has called all who believe in Him to be His disciples. Our goal is to become like Him and represent Him in the world.

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  • Leadership is a Lot Like a Train, and All Leaders Are Conductors

    Your job as “conductor” is to steer your organization in the right direction.

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  • Breaking Thru to High Capacity Leaders

    Senior leaders need to bear the responsibility of discipleship of high capacity leaders and donors.

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  • Show Them How to Live: Training Disciples in the Way Jesus Lived

    Here’s the bottom line: Jesus has called all who believe in Him to be His disciples. Our goal is to become like Him and represent Him in the world.

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  • What Makes Your Church Different from 10,000 Other Churches?

    God has given your church a specific place and people to minister to. Find out what this is for your community and then go be it.

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  • The Positive Benefits of Ministry Calendaring with a Systems Approach

    If you lead or help lead a church, a systems approach to calendaring brings with it a number of positive benefits.

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  • Is Your Organization Optimized for Efficiency or Strategic Agility?

    Organizations everywhere are struggling to keep up with the accelerating pace of change—let alone get ahead of it. What we need today is a powerful new element to address the challenges posed by mounting complexity and rapid change.

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  • Is Your Children’s Ministry More Than Fun?

    As a parent, teacher, or minister, teaching your kids the gospel is the most important task you have. So, what is your plan?

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  • 10 Factors That Determine the Size of Your Vision

    10 factors that determine the size of your vision, based on developmental aspects of leadership.

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  • Seth Godin with an Anatomy Lesson for Your Church

    An organization that lets itself be overwhelmed by the small but insistent demands of too much soft tissue gets happy, then it gets fat, then it dies.

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  • A Strategy that Directly Fuels Your Mission and Vision Produces Passionate People

    If you only offer a handful of things that directly fuel your mission and visionpeople will become passionate about your mission and vision.

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  • How a Simple Organizational Leadership Equation Can Change the Way You Lead

    What if we could find a simple but elegant theory of organizational leadership?

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  • Ministry Success is a Moving Target You Have to Hit Again and Again

    The road to ministry success is a moving target that we have to hit again and again. The disruption of ongoing innovation eventually topples any organization that fails to keep moving—to reinvent.

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  • 7 Key Characteristics of Break-thru Churches

    Break-thru churches have pastors who intentionally adopted seven traits that become key to the churches’ turnaround.

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Recent Comments
Good point. another equation for you: Simplicity = Doable. Our church's mission, vision, purpose, values, and goals are stated in 5 words, our internal explanations are in parentheses: Laugh (have fun with each other), Love (God), Learn (what He says), Live (do what He says), Lead (others to Him).
— Tim Johnson
Ken, Thanks for contacting us! There is no PDF connected to this post; however, here is the URL for Page 2, containing the list: If that doesn't work let me know.
— VRcurator
I'd love to see the six principles. Cannot seem to get to page two. The PDF only shows page one also. Ken Willard
— Ken Willard

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