3 Steps to More Effective Teamwork

As you lead your church, a team, or your readers, there are many times that effective teamwork is pivotal.

Effective teamwork is a multiplier that transforms individual contributions.

Effective teamwork starts with a clear and clearly stated vision. An effective team will know and be able to communicate how their particularized purpose furthers the singular purpose of the church. They will know how their function fits into the mission of the church and have a clear picture of success.

Effective teamwork requires agility and collaboration. An effective team can adapt to overcome obstacles and enjoys being involved and involving other in solving problems. They learn from mistakes and have fun.

Effective teams build trust and stay true even under pressure. An effective team understands how the people on the team approach the world. They understand how to adapt to bring out the best in each other. They also share a holy trust arises from a commitment to shared a goal.

Effective teams automate the important and use data to measure success and inform decisions. They invest time today in systems and processes that will save the team time everyday to come. They finds ways to collect data that moves past anecdotal evidence of success. The make decisions on this data instead of on the status quo.

Where to get started?

  • Discover, honor, and value what is best about the people on your teams.At Auxano we use Insights Discovery, a personality tool that uncovers how individual approach the world. Insights Discovery combines depth of insight with a simple and sticky vocabulary to talk about how to work better together.
  • Challenge team members to adapt to better serve the team. Each person’s God-given personality brings a dynamic value to the team that can adapt to either obstruct the team, or, ideally better serve the team in any given moment. This provides a way for us to offset a primary challenge to teamwork: the unique way stress can maximize a personal strength into a liability. Instead, we can challenge ourselves and others dial down our person preferences and dial up what the team needs.
  • Invest in and infuse teamwork into your culture. Effective teams invest in working better together because it multiplies every contribution. An initial install maybe necessary, but the continuing conversation is where teamwork happens.

If you are interested in learning more about Insights Discovery, or about how Auxano helps church teams create break-thru clarity to realize their vision, contact me.

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What happens when u dont have a meeting place any more. And u was forced out because the buliding wasnt available any more.
— Debra
If someone wants entertainment they're going to the wrong place. Church is not a place for entertainment...or in my opinion a barrage of coffee and donuts. Why are churches today bringing the world INTO them? Then there's the thing with children...age appropriate??? These little guys can pick stuff up in service. Besides Jesus said Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Mt. 19:14.
— Laurie
I love the intentionality here as well as the challenge to look at the data. That's missing so many times. I would like to offer a contrarian's take. Church members and regular attenders have so many ways to get information: Announcements, bulletins, social channels, relationships, and email being among the options. But brand new people are likely going to check out the website and that's it. It might be wiser for churches with limited time and resources to focus their website almost exclusively to guests. This group of people isn't looking for a calendar of events but wants to know about regular programs. They probably aren't interested in watching all of the messages but instead may want to preview one of the services. For the times we need church members to go to websites (sign up for camp, join a group, etc), we're probably better off designing and promoting a specific page rather than cluttering up the homepage.
— Michael Lukaszewski (@mlukaszewski)

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