7 Quick Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Intentional Generosity

While most people want to give and want to be generous, it’s important to recognize that inspiring people to give is really only half the equation. Somehow, churches must find a way to bridge the gap between good intentions and active generosity, helping to move people from wanting to give to actively giving.

But does your church give people the opportunity to give in the way that is most natural for them? If you can meet people where they are and simplify the giving process, your church can begin to develop a culture of transformational generosity.

Here are seven things to consider to help cultivate a culture of intentional givers who will support your ministry:

1. Donations at churches that offer online and mobile giving are nearly four percent higher per person than churches that don’t. And tools like recurring gifts help make giving a habit for church members.

2. Cash gifts are less than five percent of offerings at most churches. Passing the offering plate shouldn’t be abandoned but it shouldn’t be the only way churches accept donations.

3. Your online giving tools should allow church administrators to communicate with a giver quickly and easily. A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way to encourage people to continue giving.

4. Church members follow the examples of their leaders, even when it comes to giving. Churches should provide giving solutions that their staff and leaders use – and are excited to share.

5. Make it quick and easy for people to give in the moment generosity inspires them. Whether it’s an app or a text-to-give number, people shouldn’t have to wait for the offering plate.

6. Develop compelling ways to communicate about your congregation’s generosity. Use storytelling and media to help convey the impact of generosity.

7. Create meaningful ways for people to start giving for the first time. Whether it’s a capital campaign or a special time of giving or a mission, make the first-time gift a memorable event.

Generosity is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Encouraging a generous spirit and cheerful giving by inspiring people to give – and making it easy for them to do it – helps unleash generosity in your church and inspires a culture of intentional, transformational givers.

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Yea! You fixed it!
— Mr. Troy Reynolds
I just discovered this today and am looking forward to exploring the content on here. It looks like it could be very helpful. Just an FYI - in your paragraph on not putting out B+ material you have a typo. A little ironic. :-) The third sentence begins with "You time" not "Your time."
— Troy Reynolds
I'm lost, to say the least! As a new pastor, taking over a newly started church I have read just about everything there is to learn what I can do to grow the church. I truly beleive that those attending our church are friendly and sincere. So that can't be the issue. I have read all the comments to this article and I feel that most churches will never have a fair chance! We are a VERY small church, so we don't have a children's church (yet). So if a family comes and gets upset that we don't have a children's church for them to put their children into, we lose! We do provide things for their kids to do during the service and even have an option for their kids to be in a different room, if they don't want their kids to sit with them. We are also such a small church that we don't have a worship team/band/etc. Our worship music comes from music videos. The congregation we do have likes it this way, but of course we would love to have a worhsip team. So, if someone comes to our church and is upset that we don't have live music, we lose! The point I am trying to make is that when people come in with preconceived ideas of what a church should be like, they will never find a church home, unless they find a church who's goal is to entertain! Every Sunday our message comes from the Bible, so that can't be a complaint for someone, so instead, people leave the church and never come back because they want more from a church: they don't want friendly people who are following the Word of God; they want a church that give them something (a babysitter for their kid, entertainment, free gifts, etc.) I'm sorry if sound cynical, I truly want everyone to hear the Good News and learn about Christ's love, but if they come in looking for something else, then the church will always lose!

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